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Hi, we are Grape Up!

Hi, we are Grape Up!

Our company provides technology consulting and modern software development services for mission-critical products. We specialize in delivering innovative solutions powered by cloud and AI.

Our way of building software

Experienced team

Our skilled mix of senior and mid-level developers ensures high-quality, innovative solutions, backed by deep industry knowledge and practical expertise.

Diverse Project Spectrum

We handle Platform Engineering, R&D, App Replatforming, App Rearchitecting, along with specialized Data Platform initiatives and Pure Consulting, addressing a wide array of technological needs.

Agile delivery methods

Our teams excel in Kanban, SAFe, and Scrumban, ensuring swift response and continuous improvement in projects, with methodologies matched for optimal outcomes.

Automate everything

We enhance productivity and reduce errors using AI, ML, MLOps, and cloud-native apps, streamlining tasks for faster, efficient delivery.

Consultative approach

We combine expert guidance with tailored business solutions and foster relationships based on shared goals, ensuring successful Value-Aligned Partnerships.

We work with

We believe in values – they’re our core strength. Long-term business relationships. A committed team. A friendly space to work. A change driven by exceptional software.

Our values

Grape Up Careers - Deliver Value

Deliver value

  • We understand our business, the needs of our customers and the sense of our work
  • We recommend solutions that we believe in
  • We start our work by answering the question: „Why?”
  • We achieve our goals in the most effective way possible
  • We keep our commitments
  • We focus on what brings value
  • We always do our best to make a positive contribution to the community and the environment

Grape Up Careers - Win and Lose as a Team

Win & lose as a team

  • We play as a team – together we take responsibility for success and failure
  • We treat our clients as part of the team
  • We can achieve more as a team and we take advantage of it
  • We share knowledge and use our experience
  • We treat others the way we would like to be treated
  • We appreciate and respect each other

Grape Up Careers - Drive Change

Drive change

  • We take the initiative – the change begins with us
  • We feel responsible for shaping the company
  • We experiment, we look for innovative solutions
  • We progress in order to operate more efficiently and respond to customer needs
  • We draw conclusions from our mistakes, we improve our activities
  • We apply an iterative approach to changes with the measurement of progress
  • We react quickly to emerging changes

Grape Up Careers - Listen and Speak

Listen & speak

  • We actively listen to what others say and respect it
  • We give and receive constructive feedback on a regular basis
  • We constantly collect feedback from our clients
  • We are open and talk about things that are important to us
  • We take into consideration someone else’s point of view and look for the best solution

Grape Up Careers - Have Fun

Have fun

  • We like what we do
  • We care for an open and friendly atmosphere
  • We celebrate on occasion and without any occasion
  • We care about integration
  • We maintain a healthy work-life balance

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Create your ideal workspace – work from home, choose a desk at our offices in Kraków, Białystok, or Wrocław, or combine both. You know how to set up the perfect environment for effective work.


ul. Żółkiewskiego 17A
31-539 Kraków, Poland
+48 (12) 416 11 49


ul. Kopernika 95a
15-396 Białystok, Poland
+48 (12) 416 11 49


ul. Jaworska 11-13
53-612 Wrocław, Poland
+48 (12) 416 11 49

Santa Clara

5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 320,
Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA
+1 (408) 471 7887


ul. Świeradowska 47,
02-662 Warsaw, Poland
+48 (12) 416 11 49


Wendl-Dietrich-Straße 18,
80634 Munich, Germany
+49 (15) 167 995 703

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