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We believe that diverse perspectives and skills are key to thriving teams. It’s the wonderful people who share our values that make us feel at home. Discover who they are and how they contribute to our success.

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Feel At Home: It’s Where You Belong

Do you want to know what ‘Feel At Home’ means for us? It’s about creating a place where everyone belongs and can be themselves. This is the part of our EVP – a promise to value both professional success and personal identity in the workplace. Check out our colleagues’ passions and interests beyond their roles.

Wojtek has been into automotive for years.

Lead IT Administrator

Łukasz likes to go with the flow.

Software Engineer

Magda keeps the ball rolling.

Administration Manager

Olga feels at home when she’s at work.

Lead Graphic Designer

Nikodem likes to aim high.

Fullstack Developer

Adrian is all into fine-tuning his skills.

Quality Consultant

In our workspace, we blend our interests and skills. We come together for fun and knowledge sharing, creating an environment where teamwork means more than accomplishing tasks.

Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn

We meet weekly to share success, exchange knowledge, discuss projects, and stay updated on company news. It’s a time to Listen and Speak, and bond in a relaxed atmosphere.

Let’s Team Up!

Let’s Team Up!

At Grape Up, we love to Have Fun together. Beyond work hours, activities like board games, yoga, rollerskating, or hiking strengthen our team spirit and connections.

Have a glance at our office and life after hours.

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Why Grape Up? Hear it from our people.

Experience the Grape Up vibe through our people’s voices! Check firsthand opinions to better understand our culture and working environment.

What I highly appreciate about Grape Up is the transparency of job requirements and the clarity of career paths. This allows everyone to plan their career development at a pace that is right for both themselves and for the project.

Piotr, Project Manager

Working at Grape Up helps me to grow my own knowledge as a software engineer, as well as a consultant. I know that at Grape Up I can find the finest balance between work and pleasure. And this is what I like the most!

Grzesiek, Software Engineer

At Grape Up I don’t have to study new technologies as a hobby, I do it on the job! Plus, I have a team with whom I enjoy sharing both free time and working hours.

Sebastian, Software Engineer

Things I like about working at GrapeUp? The People, the prospects of self-growth working with highly skilled and supportive professionals, as well as the new and exciting challenges that come my way on a daily basis. There’s no room for boredom, only a countless number of opportunities to boost your potential!

Aga, Project Manager

I enjoy our way of working with clients – how much we’ve got to say when it comes to the solutions and how clear our process of delivery is. People I’ve got around me are amazing to work with – I get helpful code reviews and I can really feel that developers, QA, Scrum Master, and PM are playing for the same team.

Kuba, Software Engineer

Grape Up is an interesting place for every software engineer who wants to be deeply involved in product development alongside clients. That’s a rare aspect that helps me develop as a consultant. Grape Up community is full of professionals which makes it a great place to develop but also #HaveFun.

Adam, Software Engineer

Working at Grape Up means working with new technologies. Everyone on the team is eager to share their experience. Any attempt to solve problems or develop new improvements is appreciated by my teammates.

Łukasz, Software Engineer

Grape Up is a great place with a favourable work environment where I arrive with a smile on my face. Even though my role is quite individual, I feel supported in my daily tasks. At the end of the day you feel appreciated by your colleagues and your manager.

Barbara, Integrated Management System Coordinator

As main dish you get great job, work with modern solutions in professional team and many opportunities what can be used. As desert, you meet individual, unforgettable people with thirst to open new horizons. I like this diet.

Kostiantyn, Software Engineer

Working at Grape Up means collaborating with determined, smart, professional and fun people. It offers many interesting challenges, opportunities to learn and expand knowledge while working with different technologies.

Joanna, Software Engineer

For me Grape Up is a synonym of constant challenges and development. It’s a place that presents me with new experiences, allows me to try new things and look for my own development path.

Patrycja, Quality Consultant

The company gave me opportunities to grow not only technically by facing complex and demanding tasks but also let me meet awesome professionals. Grape Up is a bunch of people with deep knowledge who willingly share it and support you each and every day.

Kamil, Software Engineer

Working at Grape Up is like a journey. You can discover or learn new things with fantastic teammates and the destination is always satisfying.

Ewelina, People Administration & Payroll Expert